Sony Et Gillette Essemble !

Voici le news design tendance de Sony , à mi chemin entre un rasoir électrique de Gillette et la manette de la Revolution . Quoi comment ça une fake ? Mais non .... Bon ok mais plutôt sympathique comme design , heuresement quand même qu'on aura pas le droit à ça , enfin espérons Lol .

The GlideFX controller for the PS2 (a version for the PS3 is also forthcoming) is reminiscent of the Revolution controller in some ways, but apparently it is original enough to avoid lawsuits. It features a trackball on the right controller and a more traditional looking analog stick on the left half. There is a D-pad on the left half along with the normal face buttons which are all present on the right, although they are laid out in a different configuration than on normal controllers. Although this new controller sports a radical new look, there are no internal changes similar to the ones coming in the Revolution controller. Splitfish is planning to preview the new sticks at E3 and release them for the PS2 sometime afterwards. There is also a plan to release a version for the PS3 upon its release.

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